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タイトル: 全自動古地磁気測定装置
その他のタイトル: Paleomagnetic Processor : A fully automatic portable spinner magnetometer combined with an AF-damagnetizer and magnetic susceptibility anisotropy meter
著者: 新妻, 信明
小山, 真人
掲載誌名: 静岡大学地球科学研究報告
出版者: 静岡大学地球科学教室
巻: 21
開始ページ: 11
終了ページ: 19
出版日付: 1994-09
NDC: 450
抄録: A new combination system for paleomagnetic measurement incorporates the following four instruments : a ring-core-type flux-gate spinner magnetometer, an alternating field (AF) demagnetizer, an anhysteretic remanent magnetization (ARM) superimposer, and a magnetic susceptibility anisotropy meter. The system is composed of the following mechanisms and circuits : (1) a specially designed ring-core sensor and its driving circuits, (2) a sensor holder incorporating three sets of coils, which are utilized for AF demagnetization, ARM overprinting, and susceptibility anisotropy measurement, respectively, (3) a mechanism for sample rotation and resetting for 6-spin measurement, using a pair of non-magnetic ultrasonic motors and motor drivers, (4) a u-metal magnetic shield case, (5) a dernaguetizing current generator and power amplifier, O a regulated current source for ARM overprinting and maguetic susceptibility aniso-tropy measurement, (7) a central controller (notebook-personal computer), digital voltmeter, GP-IB Interface, I/ O board, and relay board. In this system, the whole measurement process is controlled by the central computer, which executes the sample rotation and reset during 6-spin magnetization measurement, the ON/ OFF and wave-form control of the demagnetizing current during stepwise AF demagnetization, and the ON/ OFF control of the DC magnetic field during ARM overprinting or susceptibility anisotropy measurement. The noise level of the magnetometer corresponds to 3X10^<-8> kA/m (=emu/cc) for 30 cc samples, using 10 replications of stacking measurement. The maximum field intensity of the AF demagnetizer is 45 mT. The measured results are presented by computer graphics on the screen of a computer immediately after each measurement. The total weight of the system is only about 35 kg, which is light enough for field use.
ISSN: 03886298 OPAC
NII論文ID: 110000413360 ciniia
NII書誌ID: AN00103190 OPAC ciniib
バージョン: publisher
出現コレクション:1994 21

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