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タイトル: 集団精神療法と個人精神療法との併用の実践的研究 : ある境界性人格障害患者の場合
その他のタイトル: The Practies of Combined Group and Individual Psychotherapy : A case of Borderline Personality Disorder
著者: 磯田, 雄二郎
掲載誌名: 人文論集
出版者: 静岡大学人文学部
巻: 51
号: 2
開始ページ: A33
終了ページ: A45
出版日付: 2001-01-31
NDC: 146
抄録: In this article the author describes the one typical borderline patient, who had come at first suffering from depressive feeling and emotional inconstancy. He was firstly treated by the author through medication and individual psychotherapy, but without remarkable improvement. He was introduced to the newly constructed group psychotherapy program, which began in 1997. He was treated in combined therapy, both individual psychotherapy and psychodrama, an action method and somewhat different from ordinary verbal group, after those day. In the process of 3 years of his combined therapy, he repeatedly attack of the structure and boundary between both therapeutic methods, i.e. he sometimes told the internal frustration in the group and also he insisted to attack the group member in the individual setting. The author divided both meanings and instructed to the patient to avoid the confusion coming from the attack on boundary. After the patient got recovered from such confusion and attack, he got so much improvement, which had never occurred through the past therapy experiences. Through these experience, the author found the great value of the boundary setting for treatment of Borderline Personality patient. Also he brings the value to the BPD's pathology such that the BPD patient's main difficulty is not coming from splitting but from project!ve identification mechanism.
ISSN: 02872013 OPAC
NII論文ID: 110004709812 ciniia
NII書誌ID: AN00123278 OPAC ciniib
バージョン: publisher
出現コレクション:2000 51(2)

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